Registration Fees

Each potential student, whether new or returning, must complete a registration form along with a non-refundable registration fee of $25 each regular semester. A household family max of $50 is available for families with multiple Academy students. Your registration fee must accompany your registration form for lessons to be scheduled. Lessons will not be confirmed until the registration form is received and your registration fee is paid in full.

Members of First Baptist Church of Melbourne will have subsequent registration fees waived if they are continuing study in consecutive regular semesters (Fall-->Spring/Spring-->Fall). Summer semester is not considered a regular semester. If a FBCMel member student withdraws from the Academy and wishes to return at a later date, a new registration will be collected upon reentering the Academy.

Fall & Spring Registration Fees:

  • $25 per student per semester
  • $50 maximum per household

Summer Registration Fees:

  • $15 per student
  • $30 maximum per household

Fall & Spring  Private Instruction

  • 20 minute lesson - $260 per semester (Preschool Piano Exploration Only)
  • 30 minute lesson - $390 per semester
  • 45 minute lesson - $585 per semester
  • 1 hour lesson - $780 per semester

The above prices reflect Private Music Lessons with our Instructors for a Full Semester of 15 weeks of lessons.

Instructors teaching fewer weeks this semester are noted below:

Violin/Piano Lessons with Sarah Dowell and Flute/Piano Lessons for Spring 2024 are a pro-rated tuition for a 14-week semester

  • Fourteen 30 minute lessons: $364
  • Fourteen 45 minute lessons: $546
  • Fourteen 1 hour lessons: $728

Cello Lessons with Dr. Tom Silliman for Spring 2024 are a pro-rated tuition for a 13-week semester

  • Thirteen 30 minute lessons: $338
  • Thirteen 45 minute lessons: $507
  • Thirteen 1 hour lessons: $676

Violin Lessons with Jenna Cobb for Spring 2024 are a pro-rated tuition for a 12-week semester

  • Twelve 30 minute lessons: $312
  • Twelve 45 minute lessons: $468
  • Twelve 1 hour lessons: $624

Summer Private Instruction

Six-week Semester

Nine-week Semester

Private Instruction Tuition Payments

Regular Full Pay tuition may be paid online. Payment Plan tuition and any other customized payments are unavailable online and may be paid by cash, credit card, or by check* in the First Baptist Melbourne Church Office or mailed to:

Gateway Academy of the Arts

c/o First Baptist Melbourne

3301 Dairy Road

Melbourne, FL 32904

Payments by check* should be made payable to FBCMel-Gateway Academy.

*Please note the student’s name in the memo line on your check.

The Fall and Spring semesters are 16 weeks long. Your student will receive 15 lessons; the 16th week will be reserved for an excused absence make-up lesson. Please see the Attendance Policy for Gateway Academy in our Academy Handbook.

Enrolling Mid-Term & Withdrawal Policy

Students may enroll at any time during the semester based on availability and director discretion. Tuition costs are pro-rated for the remainder of the term at a per lesson price. 

The non-refundable registration fee is still required for all students when enrolling mid-term.

The Academy operates on a semester schedule. If a student desires to withdraw from the Academy prior to the end of the semester, except in extreme circumstances, all fees for the semester are still the responsibility of the student.